Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Wear Winter White

A lot of people think it’s a fashion no-no to wear white after Labor Day.  That’s not entirely true – What is known as “Winter White”, when worn properly, is a beautiful and classic but also bold look.  However, there are wrong ways to wear it and there are right ways to wear it.   Here are some options:
Intrigue Shelf Bra and Intrigue Thong
Go with almost White Colors –
If you were to give Winter White its own RGB combo, it wouldn’t be Pure White. I’ve seen it interpreted with flares of both yellow and blue.  Either is acceptable as long as it isn’t perfectly white which can look flat and gloomy this time of year. Try Ivory, Oyster, Off White or anything similar and it will look bright and warm.
Here is a beautiful lingerie look in Ivory.  Set to romantic evening lighting The Intrigue Bra and Thong will look beautiful against all skin tones.

Open Toe Sling Back

For fun and casual events like going out to the clubs or to a friend’s birthday party, bright accents are the way to go.  Try something like our OpenToe Slingback in red. This will make your whole outfit look cheery.

Satin Glove Over Elbow - Style 2367O

For sophisticated events, try black.  Adding a little shot of black like a pair of our satin gloves is a bold look without overloading your outfit in color. It’s very classy and elegant.
Elegant Chiffon Robe
Loose Flowing Looks –
This is good for anyone who wants to cover some problem areas.  The extra fabric adds dimension to your look so you will feel perfectly comfortable.  Also, draped clothes are feminine and romantic looking and look beautiful on all women.
The Elegant Chiffon Robe is a perfect example of coziness and beauty.  It’s also a little sheer so you won’t look matronly. 

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  1. What pretty, classic and sexy lingerie in that last photo! The over-elbow style satin gloves are a sexy look too. I love the notes "for sophisticated events try black" and "It's very classy and elegant". I'm fantasizing making an entrance into a formal event wearing the lingerie in the photos as my outfit - swoon.