Friday, December 3, 2010

Check out our videos to get the most out of our stockings!

We all agree Secrets In Lace models are beautiful, classy and glamorous.  Did you know they are good instructors too?
Now you can see for yourself by watching our video clips of these lovely ladies’ teaching us how to wear our stockings the way they do.  We made these clips behind the scenes at our last photo shoot because we want our customers to look their best in SIL Stockings.
Ours models give you comprehensive instructions on how to put them on, identify high quality authentic stockings (such as ours), occasions you can wear your different pairs of stockings and full head to toe looks to go with them.
 In these photos you can see various great outfits to go with the hosiery as well, but you need to watch the videos if you want to look your very best.  
Enjoy the show!

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