Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to Put on Your Stockings

Now that you have our Secrets In Lace Stockings, here’s how to put them on - Watch our Video as described by one of our models during a photo shoot:

Or follow these screen shots
See below for instructions on how to put on your stockings so your legs look their sexiest!

1.     Locate center back (use back seam as guide if applicable).

 2.     Gather stocking while trying to keep CB as straight as possible.

3.     Insert foot into gathered stocking.

4.     Confirm heel and toe reinforcements are lined up.

5.     Using your fingers as a guide, pull stocking up while trying to make sure CB continues to be straight. Use hands to adjust CB as you go along.
Now you are ready to attach garter belt. We recommend one of our SIL 6 strap adjustable garter belts with metal clips.

6.     While sitting down attach front two garter clips to stocking.

7.     Stand up and attach back clip to stocking while grabbing the stocking with one hand attaching clip with the other.
8.     Set welt onto center thigh by adjusting straps with metal clips.

Now you and your stockings are ready to go!

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