Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Glamorous Sleepwear by Secrets and Lace

Let me ask you darling, are you still wearing that old beat up terry cloth robe (gasp)? How about those holey flannel pajamas (for shame!)? If so, you deserve better than tattered terry and holey flannel! You deserve satin and chiffon, lace and ostrich feathers!
But fear not love, you have come to the right place. These Secrets In Lace robes and gowns are a mix of classic Hollywood allure meets our innovation.  They also include the comfort and practically we know you can’t live without.  Long and luxurious, sexy and silky, when you put these on you will feel like a bombshell.
Original in design and an excellent value, our lavish Ostrich Trimmed Robe is the ultimate glamour cover up. When you slip into this fabulous chiffon wrap, it will immediately change who you are and how you feel. The ostrich trim is removable for cleaning and our chiffon quality is unbeatable. So spoil yourself and your partner too!

What can go better with our Ostrich Trimmed Robe then our Lace Inset Gown? As you can see, this retro chic gown is beautiful but it is also slimming and easy fit.  It has delicate lace inserts to accent your silhouette and it gently drapes all the way to your ankles. With this gown on, you will always be enticing in the boudoir!

Try either of these styles with one of our lovely pairs of gloves!

Secrets In Lace sleepwear: It’s glamorous, lux and like I said yesterday, original and dreamy… literally.

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