Thursday, December 16, 2010

Secrets In Lace Holiday Looks From Head to Toe


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Let us dress you from head to toe this holiday season!

Secrets In Lace offers fabulous lingerie that is made to be worn all the time, not just in the bedroom. They also sell timeless high end apparel to go along with these fabulous under garments. No Secrets In Lace outfit is truly complete unless they are wearing it from head to toe. That includes wearing our glamorous hats, jackets, gloves, blouses, skirts and even shoes to go with our lingerie; Lingerie that is feminine, classic  and can be worn all day by women who like the special feeling of knowing she has a special secret her.........


Wear Secrets In Lace Elegant Apparel for a Complete Glamorous Look!

You love our Secrets In Lace lingerie.  Why not get the complete look? Our clothing and accessories are classic, elegant and will make you the most sophisticated woman in the room!

We are the leaders in Authentic 100% Nylon Legwear! 

Don't forget to treat yourself to some of our fabulous hosiery from our Leg Salon.  After all, stockings, pantyhose and thigh highs are what Secrets In Lace is all about!

Finish your Outfit in our Hats Gloves and Shoes! 

For a perfectly polished look, don't forget to add the finishing details!

Remember...Keep the Romance Alive!!